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Live Music

OPEN works with a range of local and national promoters to host an array of gigs and events that brings the best in Live Music & Entertainment to the region. With two unique and flexible spaces we are able to offer a venue suitable for 50 -1450 people.

Recording Studio

The OPEN Recording Studio is a state of the art music studio designed and built to the highest specification with the help of industry professionals. With experienced engineers & industry standard recording equipment, the OPEN Recording Studio can offer the a high quality sound for everyone at an affordable price. Our engineers are experts in a broad range of musical styles and can advise on the best possible approach to maximise the quality of your sound recordings. Our studio is perfect for solo artists and bands looking to get the sound they want, as well schools, charities and youth groups who are looking for high quality provision and expertise in a relax and friendly atmosphere.

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Climbing Wall

OPEN's climbing wall stands at 12m tall, we run a range of sessions for a variety of ages as well courses and packages suitable for all abilities.  

Group bookings

Groups can be booked at OPEN throughout the year and we can tailor our sessions to the particular needs of your group.  We have routes for everyone regardless of their age or ability and complete with all the equipment you will need to climb our instructors will make sure you and your group has plenty of fun, enjoyment and adrenaline filled experiences. We consider your safety our number one priority whilst we make sure that you always get the most possible enjoyment out of all the sessions. 

What Is The Purpose And Process Of Recording?
What Is The Purpose And Process Of Recording?

Recording session considerations. Everything that goes into making a record, from brainstorming to mixing, is covered in detail, with a sample production tossed in for good measure. Recording studio East London may help you with it if you have any wishes. Do not put back your dreams, may be, especially, your dream will come true and a song created by you will be a popular hit that all people will be aware of. Do not be afraid of trying something up as it may be your future hobby or even success.

The First Step: Preparing to Write a Song

For things to go smoothly, the music must be fine-tuned ahead of time to the point where there is no need for a creative peak performance during the recording session.

Because the stress of completing a good recording is accompanied by substantial time constraints, there is very little time left in a recording studio for creative masterpieces, where the proverb “Time is Money” applies virtually as well as everywhere else. They just must be completed ahead of time.

The second step is to record in a studio

The time spent in the studio recording a song can range from eight to twelve hours. Though it should not be recorded in a single session, it is desirable to do so as quickly as possible to preserve the song’s intended tone. While things can progress faster at times, the reality is that it usually takes a long time for the instruments to be properly recorded, the vocals to have their overdubs and background vocals recorded, and the overall production to be genuinely ready for mixing.

The drums take two hours to record, the guitars one hour, the bass thirty minutes, the vocals three hours, and the sample song takes another two hours to record. As a result, the recording session lasts 8.5 hours.

Parrs Wood Didsbury Cinema
Parrs Wood Didsbury Cinema

The studio mix is the third stage

Following the end of the recording procedure, the next step is to optimize the sound quality of each instrument. When all of the instruments are sounding good, the next step is to make sure they compliment one another and that no one instrument dominates the mix. Mixing is the technique of blending numerous sounds into one.

The mix of the example song took a total of 13 hours. Due of the intricacy and sheer number of distinct duties involved in the process of mixing music, an exact breakdown is difficult.

Fourth, there is the studio mastering procedure

After the mix is finished, you can anticipate how the music will progress. If the music is to be considered commercially viable, a final “master” must be created from the mix. The mastering process is similar to a final inspection, in which we listen to the entire recording again to ensure that everything is in its appropriate place. The volume is also adjusted, and the finishing touches are added. And, tada, it is ready, enjoy with your masterpiece and share with your nearest and dearest.

A Definition of Fun: What Is the Most Common Way to Have Fun?
A Definition of Fun: What Is the Most Common Way to Have Fun?

Most entertainment is familiar, even if preferences vary. It may be anything from a concept to a job, but in most cases, it refers to anything that has been around for thousands of years and is designed to hold people’s interest. Bringing joy and satisfaction to an audience is every type of entertainment’s goal.

The entertainment industry, which makes and sells records for fun, has experienced rapid expansion. Popular events like custom house square concerts are attracting more interest from people. A person can choose private entertainment from the vast library of pre-recorded materials, design a feast for the number of guests, set up music and dance for any event, and scale up performances to enchant thousands or the whole world.

Various Forms of Entertainment

Even though a lot of entertainment has a serious point, being entertained has come to mean having fun and laughing. Thus, what appears to be enjoyment may really develop the intellect. Satire, ceremony, festivity, and religion may do this.

Entertainment requires an audience. Audiences can be passive or active when watching a play, opera, TV show, or film (as while playing a game, when the roles of player and spectator are often switched). Theater and concerts are organized, whereas children’s activities are spontaneous. Stage magic has been around for a long time despite changes in society, technology, and people’s tastes in how things look. Films and video games provide stories, provide drama, and play music. Music, film, and dance events attract people for days.

Why is music the most enjoyable entertainment?

Almost anywhere on the globe, you can find a variety of fun activities to partake in. As a result, choices that appeal to individual preferences are made available. The use of music is one of the possibilities. . There are two primary reasons why music is superior to other forms of popular entertainment:

1. Several Different Types of Genres

Music’s variety makes it the best kind of entertainment. Some are generally known and utilized. They include country, jazz, blues, and soul. Listeners’ feelings vary by genre. Some may make you dance, while others may make you rest. Location determines variation.

entertainment units with fireplace

2. Easily Accessible

The best entertainment is simple and accessible, like music. Since you can listen to any kind of music in any format, it’s handy. Start by listening to local radio and TV stations, which may include video material. Local networks offer free music videos and audio. You can only hear what they play. You may select any song and construct a playlist of your favorites. Online music lets you do anything while listening.

Don’t Stop: Listen To Your Favourite Music Only

The pleasure of music without regard for others. It’s a sure thing that you’ll have more fun doing this with a home music system that’s less complicated and requires fewer parts. The benefit is that you can tune in whenever you want and still enjoy every moment—it’s also good for stress relief. If you can help with it, don’t miss this.

Birthday Parties


An OPEN party is a great way to celebrate your child's birthday. Not only will it be great fun but it will also get your children active and will hopefully tire them out too. Birthday parties give you an hour's climbing session, all of the children will get the chance to experience climbing putting their trust in their friends (& our instructors) to belay them and keep them safe. We have routes for everyone regardless of their age or ability. Birthday Parties Include: 1 Hours climbing delivered by experienced, friendly and professional instructors. We will also shoot pictures during your OPEN Birthday party & burn them onto a CD* OPEN Climb T-Shirt OPEN Party invites


The Dance Studio at OPEN's offers great flexibility with a fully sprung floor, mirrored wall and adjustable barre, all in a light, vibrant environment! The studio is perfect for a range of dance or aerobic based activity as well as can be the host for get creative workshops including music and drama.

Dance Studio

Hire the Dance Studio The studio is fully air conditioned to keep you cool or warm depending on the activity as well as access to WiFi and any audio/visual equipment to make sure your session runs smoothly. We offer great rates for the Dance Studio & offer discounts for charities, non for profit organisations and organisations that work with children & young people.  

Dance Birthday Package
Planning a Birthday Party and want to do something different? 
Do something amazing and have a Dance Birthday Party at OPEN.


Dance parties are great fun for girls and boys of all ages and all abilities. Every child is different, of course, so here at OPEN we pride ourselves on creating a totally unique birthday party experience for everyone. We have a range of dance styles and music you can choose from or you can let us know if there is something special you would like and one of our professional dancers will then choreograph your very own routine before your party.